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Is There Life After Death?
Discover the hidden truths about satan and demons, as Pastor Howard Pittman reveals through his near death experience as he was shown the demonic army.
The demonic hierarchy
Are demons real? Where do they come from? What is there purpose, and how can we overcome them?
The Battle For Your Soul
There is a Covert War going on behind the scenes of this world - angels & the Holy Spirit sent to minister and guard us, while demonic forces are working to test, tempt and deceive us. Which will you submit to?

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Pastor Howard O. Pittman had a Near Death Experience in Aug 1979; he has written 15 books, 27 audios, 10 DVDs, and speaks at churches nationwide, all dealing with that experience and outlining the many things he was allowed to see, and hear.

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View Books & DVDs by Howard Pittman that expose the tactics of the devil and his angels.
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Watch videos of Howard Pittman as he discusses his clinical death experience where he was taken by his guardian angels to see the demonic army.
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What You Will Learn from Howard Pittman

  • Exposing The Stratagies Of the Enemy

    On August 3, 1979 Howard Pittman died of a brain brain aneurysm. His angels took him on a tour of the Second Heaven, then they began by showing him the different types of demons in the devils army. Each demon was revealed to him in a form that indicated his area of expertise, and he soon discovered that there is no such thing as a general practitioner in all the demon world. They have only one area of expertise which they do very well.
  • A Call to Holy Living

    In the church, the word "HOLY" has become a 4-letter word that is not spoken because of how it makes Christians feel - convicted. GOD calls us to live a Holy Life - if we don't Revelations says He will spit us out of His mouth. Learn how to live a Righteous Life without trying.
  • Biblical Prophecy

    Discover Biblical Scriptures relating to the end times as Howard Pittman relates them to modern events.

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  • Never before have I read such a description of the enemy of mankind as in the books: Placebo & Demons- An Eyewitness Account. I don't know of any other book that goes into such detail about how satan and demons operate. These books expose what demons look like, their rank, their strategies, characteristics, tactics, and end-time purpose. He saw this because he died, was taken to the second heaven and was shown this by his guardian angels. Although I'm not glad you had to die to get there, thank you Howard for writing these books - am have been so much more informed about this war going on behind the scenes for our very lives!
    Stephan Bevan, Web designer