The Mystery Demon | Howard Pittman
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The Mystery Demon


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Spiritual warfare is real. The devil is real. Demons are real. Great truths that have been known by every civilization in history. In the early history of the church, about one third of most member’s time was spent in learning about the reality of this war.

An examination of the four Gospels, Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John reveals that of all the recorded activity of Jesus, about one third of His time was spent in dealing with, teaching about, or exposing the devil and his demons. In fact, the first authority granted to man by Jesus, was NOT the authority to preach or teach, but WAS the authority to deal with demons spirits. (Matthew 10:1)

Only in the modern history of the Church have Christians rejected these truths. It was a subtle rejection brought on by a clever designed plan. The plan was designed by our spiritual adversary and implemented through our traditions, line upon line, precept upon precept, until we had been accustomed to the deletion of these great teachings.

Our time is short, the ahead is tremendous. We have precious little time to re-learn these great truths.

This book is an attempt to bring these truths to the surface in our daily Church life once again.

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