The Helmet of Salvation (Battered and Misunderstood) | Howard Pittman
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The Helmet of Salvation (Battered and Misunderstood)



This book was written as the result of questions asked concerning salvation. I found that so many people who had been taught all their life that they must be born again, had never been taught how to be born again. I also found that many preachers could not give a clear outline of the second birth.

It appears that a large number of fundamentalist and Pentecostal Christians did not understand what it means to be born again. So many seem to believe that the second, or spiritual, birth came as the result of an intellectual acknowledgement. So many believed that all one had to do was just walk down an aisle somewhere and make an intellectual commitment in their mind, and they had been born again. With that one acknowledgement they had it made forever.

I believe this book will pull back the dark veil and shed the true light of salvation into the understanding of many people!

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