Demons – An Eyewitness Account | Howard Pittman
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Demons – An Eyewitness Account

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Howard Pittman and up of is a well known evangelist, speaker, teacher and author.  He travels the world of telling of the great miracle god worked in his life on August 3, 1979, when he met his appointed time to die, well in an ambulance on route to a hospital.

During his near death experience, angels took him into the second cousin and was shown the strategies of Satan and is the Monica army.  This book is the only one of its kind that exposes the end-time plan of satan and goes into great detail describing the appearance, powers and abilities of each level of demonic spirit in satans hierarchy, and their end time purpose.

The author was chosen to write this account of his experiences in the Spiritual Realm and where Spiritual Warfare goes on in the Physical Realm. Before he was a Christian, he was transported in the Spirit to witness these things while he was in a near-death state in the hospital.

A treasure trove of information to aid the Christian in Spiritual Warfare – Each chapter deals with a different aspect of the spiritual realm and how it effects the physical realm.

  • Satan: Where he is, where he can go and what he is doing. How the Christian has power over Satan and how to defeat him successfully and with complete confidence.
  • Demons and Demonic Forces are described in graphic detail.
  • Battle plans of the enemy are outlined and the methods employed in order for the World to accept the Anti-Christ.
  • One chapter discusses the “social order” in the demonic hierarchy.

Find out the little known types of demons that work actively in the world: The Un-nameable Ones and the Most Ancient Ones. Find out the True Appearance of these demons and how they can alter their appearance.

Howard deals with casting out demons and how healing can be either God or Demon inspired.
The book tells how parapsychology is involved in Satan’s Plans and also the parameters of ghost and spirit activity.

Learn the criteria of how a person or animal becomes Demon Possessed.

Lastly the author was graced with an experience of the entryway into heaven and reveals the unbelievable details. This eyewitness trip caused the author to be saved and become an on-fire, spirit-filled soldier for Christ.

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1 review for Demons – An Eyewitness Account

  1. admin

    This is a must-read supplementary to Placebo.
    Loved it.


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