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Mystery Demon


During the war, when I was in the service we often referred to the front line soldier as the “doughboy.” The doughboy was the one that had to meet the enemy in combat on the battlefield. He did not plan the battle, nor the tactics that would be used there. He simply went forward to carry on the battle for the one who did plan it.

The frontline soldier was seldom, if ever, allowed to do his own thing. He was always operating under orders. All soldiers were kept under orders at all time. The Army has two kinds of orders. One is a specific order and the other is a general order. When a specific order fails, the soldier must fall back on his general order. In warfare and armies, there is always a chain of command. Orders originate at the top and are passed down through that chain of command.

Spiritual warfare is a lot like our physical kind of wars and armies in that the spiritual “doughboys” are fighting on the battlefield under orders that originated up high in the chain of command. The spiritual doughboy or frontline soldier, like most soldiers, is never left without orders. The frontline soldier that we meet in combat on the battlefield of our mind is what we call demon spirits.

Demons, evil spirits, fallen angels, or whatever you want to call them, are real! When we meet them in combat on the battlefield of our mind, they are under orders carrying out a plan of attack that they did not plan themselves. Like most frontline soldiers, they are not free to do their own thing. They are there by design, by plan, and they are instructed as to how to carry out that plan. (2 Corinthians 12:7) Of course, that plan originated at the top.
Those who planned the attack upon you did not come and carry out their own plan. They sent the frontline soldier to do it.

When you resist the frontline soldiers or demons, you are in effect resisting the devil himself and his ruling council. You fight them through the demons with whom you war.

I grew up in what we call “the down-home,” basic fundamentalist religious movement. I was never taught about demons and spiritual warfare. Until my experience, I did not know what to believe about demons. One thing was certain, I had no idea that they played such important roles in the daily lives of Christians. If you don’t believe this to be true, you must study 2 Corinthians 12:7.

When I have the opportunity to speak about the shapes and forms of spirits, so many people can’t believe that spirits, as such, have a shape and form. Since spirits are invisible to the physical eye, it is difficult to think of them as anything more than vapor-like. However, spirits do have a true shape and form! This does not mean some of them cannot  change their shape and form. They can, but, at some point, must revert to their true shape and form.

From all the evidence we have in the Bible, the one order of spirits that uses his ability to change shape and form more than any other order is the “familiar spirit.” The familiar spirit is most often from the order of “necromancy” spirits. This relates to calling on the dead. It is the “familiar spirit” most often used by mediums in a séance in an attempt to contact the spirit of a departed (dead) human being. This order of spirits are responsible for the “ghost” stories that continue throughout history.

We know by the statement Jesus made in Luke 16:26, that it is impossible for the spirit of a departed human to return to this physical world, or to move to any place other than the one prepared for him prior to his death!

As I begin to recount some of my eyewitness account of what the shapes and forms of those demons were like, I’ve had some people ridicule my descriptions. So at this point I want to challenge you once again with the Word of God, the Holy Bible. Follow me without judgment until you have read it all and then if the Bible will not support even the most bizarre of my claims, don’t believe anything in this book, but if I can show it to you in the Bible, then promise that you will honestly consider it.

One of the facts about demons that really impressed me is that for the most part, they are all experts. By expert, I mean they do one thing, and one thing only. They are usually very good at what they do. Most often, a demons’ name will identify his area of expertise. (Mark 5:9 and Luke 8:30)

Since most demons are experts and do one thing only, they have only one name. However there is one exception to this rule in the Bible. There is one order of demons that have more than one name. It is the only order of spirits that I was made aware of in my experience or in the Bible that has this distinction.

Jesus Himself set one order of spirits apart from all other spirits. The first clue we were given about this particular spirit is in Matthew 17:21, when Jesus declared this spirit to be different. (If you failed to find the 21st verse of Matthew in your Bible, look in another version. In some of the later versions they have taken this verse out of the Bible! I assure you it is in the original!) Anytime our Lord talks about a spirit being different, we should perk up and pay attention. He did not do this for conversation’s sake, it is an important revelation in our preparation for spiritual warfare.

Let us look at what brought about this revelation from Jesus. First, this spirit had just defeated the Disciples. They were not able to deal with him! They should have been, because Jesus had given them authority over all unclean spirits. (Matthew 10:1) Until that point in time, all foul, evil, and unclean spirits had responded to their commands. When they tried to cast this one out, they failed. When they asked Jesus why they could not do it, (Matthew 17:20) He replied to them, “Because of their unbelief.” However, he explained to them, this one was different from all they had met and must be handled in a different manner. (Mark 9:29)

With this one order or kind of spirit, Jesus referred to him as:

1. “This kind” (Matthew 17:21)
2. “Dumb and deaf spirit” (Mark 9:25)
3. “A spirit of infirmity” (Luke 13:11)

In Psalms 78:49 David referred to this same order of spirits as being “evil angels.” In 1 Samuel 16:14, this same order of spirits is referred to as “evil spirit from God.”

There are, at least, five different names used to refer to this one order of spirits. Therefore, if the spirit’s expertise is revealed by his name, then this order of spirits has expertise in many areas. My eyewitness experience convinced me of the same conclusion. Because this spirit is the only order, or kind, of spirit the Bible reveals as having many areas of expertise, he would be classified as somewhat of a mystery.

From all information given about him, both from the Bible and my experience, I conclude that this one order of spirits is the most powerful order in the Satanic Kingdom.

The mystery demon mainly works in the area of “health and physical well-being.” It is his assignment to spread disease and sickness wherever he can. (For an explanation of how he works, see my book THE CURSE.) His last day assignment in the devil’s master attack plan, is to spread as much misery in the human race as he can, through exotic and catastrophic illness!

He has no problem doing this throughout the world. He has authority to work almost at will with humans. The only exception is with Christians. He cannot work in the lives of “freed Christians” without gaining their permission to do so. He obtains that permission through the “wiles” of the devil! Watch out!!

On the opposite end of the scale of power in the spirit world, is the spirit that John identified in Revelation 16:13. “And I saw three unclean spirits like frogs come out of the mouth of the dragon, and out of the mouth of the beast, and out of the mouth of the false prophet.” Not only is John revealing to us the shape and form of an important spirit, but he is revealing the spirit behind the power of the anti-Christ used to take the world. It is this order of spirits that the devil intends to use, through his wiles, to defeat Christians of the last day.

These two orders of spirits, the mystery demon and the frog-like spirit, are given preeminence in the Bible for the reason of their last-day role in taking the world for the anti-Christ. The mystery demon, as the most powerful spirit, cannot do his work in Christians lives without help from the weakest spirit, the frog-like creature.

The frog-like creature’s area of expertise is in the area of “perversion” or immorality.” We see just by watching current events, how fast the frog-like spirit is gaining hold in all walks of our society today. The moral structure of our entire world is collapsing. This is not accidental, but by design. The anti-Christ cannot take power as long as the uniform moral code of the Bible exists. Not to worry, the uniform moral code of the Bible does not exist today. It has been destroyed in the past fifteen years. This could not have happened if the Christians would have taken the responsibility of their authority and would have stood up to be counted for that moral code.

Even world leaders, who do not profess to be a part of the church themselves, can and do recognize the Church’s failure to teach morality. On Monday, October 27, 1987, the London Daily Mail, one of the largest daily papers of London, ran the following headlines. “THE CHURCH HAS FAILED US.” The story went on to identify Mrs. M. Thatcher, P.M. of England, as having made that charge. It was her charge that the moral condition of England today is a result of the failure of the Church itself to teach and even practice morality!

During the course of my experience, I was allowed to look upon a human being actually being possessed by a demon spirit. The order of spirit used in this act of possession was from the frog-like order. (A complete account of this is given in my book DEMONS/EYEWITNESS ACCOUNT.) The artist that drew this sketch for me is a good artist. Her name is Vicki Monette. She is a Christian and her husband is a church pastor in Houma, LA. However, Vicki did not see with her eyes what she drew for me. She saw it only in her mind, formed from the words that I told her. Because Vicki did not see with her eyes, the image she drew was not exactly what I saw. It was close to what I saw, so close that I left it just as she drew it. I was sure no human had ever seen anything like this before and I wanted all to see it.

On Sunday night, February 6, 1983, my vehicle broke down in Elizabethtown, KY. and I was forced to spend the night there in a hotel. That night, I purchased from the lobby of that hotel a copy of the Sunday Edition of the Louisville Courier Journal Newspaper. In that newspaper, there was a story about an art display which had been exhibited that weekend at Liberty Museum. As the reporter described the paintings, he told of finding on one of the museum walls, an odd-looking, charcoal drawing. The drawing was on a  small piece of paper. No one at the museum seemed to know anything about it. The drawing was of a young lady, with a frog-like creature moving right up in her face! This is the true image of the frog-like creature that John saw in Revelation 16:13, it is also the true form of the frog I was allowed to see possess the individual. (See figure three, in this book.)
When I talk about things like “the mystery demon and the frog-like spirit,” some people find it hard to accept. Throughout the course of all my writings, I stress one point. IF I CAN’T SHOW IT TO YOU IN THE BIBLE, DON’T BELIEVE IT! As further scriptural support for what I am teaching, I want to share with you some more shapes and forms of spirit beings.

What kind of creatures would you suppose them to be, if suddenly you were confronted with the presence of living beings that fit the following descriptions:
1. “The likeness of a man, but with four faces, four wings, four hands, the upper body like a human, the legs like a horse, the feet like a cow.”
2. “The likeness of a man, but have six wings and six hands. With two wings he covered his body, with two wings he covered his face, with two wings he flew.”
3. “The likeness and body of a lion, but he had wings and eyes down his back and throughout his wings.”
4. “The likeness and body of a calf, but with wings and eyes all over his wings.”
5. “The likeness and body of a giant eagle, but having six wings and eyes all over his
wings and part of his body.”

All the above are descriptions of real, living spirit-beings. These descriptions are taken right out of the Bible where they are used to describe “ANGELS!” The above descriptions account for three separate orders of angels and they have been in your Bible for over two thousand years! Why didn’t you know they were angels? Was it because you have not been reading your Bible?

The three orders of angels the Bible described above are:
1. The transport angel that is described in Ezekiel 1:5-11. From all information that we have about this order of angel, his sole job seems to be transporting the portable Throne of God.

2. The seraphim, one of the highest orders of angels. The seraphim’s main role is to
sing praises unto the Throne of God. He is described in Isaiah 6:2.

3. Chapters 4-6 of the Book of Revelation describe heralding angels.

These have been but three of the different orders of angels that are talked about in the Bible. Another order talked about are the “cherubim.” (Ezekiel 10:5) From this order came the “anointed cherub” who, after his rebellion and fall, became Satan, the Devil! (Ezekiel 28:14) This is the order of angels that form the stereotype found in most people’s minds. The cherubim description is as follows, “the likeness of a man, but with two wings.”

Finally, there is another order of angels that plays a large role in the lives of humans: guardian angels. They are described in many places in the Bible. Chapters 18 and 19 of Genesis give us a good look at their shapes and forms. We see that Lot did not even know they were angels. He thought they were humans. They looked and talked like humans. To him, they even acted like people. We also see that part of their assignment is to gather information. The Bible even warns us in Hebrew 13:2 “that they come among us from the beginning of time even unto today.”

We also know from the Bible there are other orders of angels such as the command, leaders, or Arch angels. These angels, which I have listed herein, are by no means all the different orders. There are many more types that serve other purposes we will not know of in this life. However, all the mysteries will be revealed to us at the end.

The angels are “the good spirits” and make up the other force in the invisible or unseen world. Of all the beings in God’s creation, I suppose that we humans, at this point, are the most limited. Many of us think of ourselves as being the only occupants of our world, when all the time we are outnumbered, outmaneuvered, and in most cases, outsmarted daily by the invisible or unseen beings all around us.

Much more information about this warfare is in my books entitled “SECRET AGENT,” MYSTERY DEMON, THE CURSE OF THE LORD, and PHOEBE’S STORY.

  • Daughter of the King
    Posted at 06:39h, 08 March Reply

    I just finished reading ‘Placebo’ and was absolutely blessed by the book as well as this blog entry. Thank you for writing!

  • Rebecca
    Posted at 06:15h, 23 April Reply

    Thank you for the wonderful article. Question: Where does it say that cherubim had two wings and the likeness of a man? I cannot find it. I thought there were four wings as per Ezekiel chapter 10? I am referring to the statement in the article that says:

    The cherubim description is as follows, “the likeness of a man, but with two wings.”

    Also, how is Mr. Pittman doing since his surgery?

    Thank you for your time.

    In Him,

    • admin
      Posted at 11:40h, 24 April Reply

      Sorry Rebecca, the Cherubim have 4 wings – it was a misquote.

  • Rebecca
    Posted at 19:01h, 24 April Reply

    Thank you SO much for your reply I am grateful as Mr. Pittman encourages all to check his words against Scripture…and that had been on my mind ever since reading his works…the first thing that did not sit well as I could not find it in the Bible. Thank you for your speedy response!

    In Him,

  • JesusisLord
    Posted at 16:20h, 02 October Reply

    A friend just gave me your website and I am so excited to read the books I have purchased, will send check tomorrow. I had an encounter with demon(s) not sure and was taken to what seemed like a concrete room with no way out. I called on God but nothing happened the I called on Jesus and instantly was back in my bedroom. It was then that I truly realized the power in the shed blood of Jesus our Lord. Thank you for sharing your stories and publishing them for all to read. Was unable to view your speaking schedule if you will be in or around the Pa area I would love to come and see you.


  • Patricia Boedeker
    Posted at 21:07h, 20 January Reply

    Greetings from Maryland Heights, Missouri, home of the Hallellulia House Ministries of Rev. James Pigg, dear friend of Rev. Pittman.
    In the early 1990s, I met with and was forever transformed by the witness of Rev. Pittman’s supernatural experience. Empowered and still functioning in the Power of the Holy Spirit in Spiritual Warfare, I write to offer my services to Rev. Pittman and his staff, to help in transcribing Rev. Pittman’s lectures, sermons, and transcripts. Writing my own recounting of supernatural experiences, I too hope to publish them to glorify God and tell of His love for His creations and warnings of demonic influences. I’ve not had a “after-death” experience but a deep knowing and a vision that I was healed of breast cancer in 1990, rescued by angels in a car accident, and am a sinner saved by Grace to show others that Satan is real but God is Triumphant.
    Rev. Pittman is a plethera of knowledge, revealed and yet to be revealed. I “chomp at the bit” to hear it all. As an English major I offer my services in proof-reading, editing, and punctuation, to assist him with the harbingers he has yet to reveal.
    Rev. Pittman, I think and pray for you often, smilling when I see the picture of you and I and Dottie.
    I would be honored to help you any way I can. Patricia Boedeker

  • JP
    Posted at 12:58h, 18 February Reply

    Thank you so much for your great sharing and teaching.
    I have a question about this. You wrote:
    “We know by the statement Jesus made in Luke 16:26, that it is impossible for the spirit of a departed human to return to this physical world, or to move to any place other than the one prepared for him prior to his death!”
    When I look up Luke 16:26, I find that it is talking about not being able to cross over between heaven and hell (between where Abraham was and where the rich man was), but it does not refer to not being able to cross over to the physical world. Also, Jesus raised some dead people while dead people had gone to heaven or hell upon death. So doesn’t it imply that those dead people came back from hell or heaven to this physical world? Could you please clarify about this as I am a little confused? Thank you so much. God bless you.

    • admin
      Posted at 12:02h, 23 February Reply

      The man was asking about a spirit from the dead coming into the physical physical world. That is impossible. Jesus said so in the 16 chapter of Luke. Read the verse again you see that Jesus was talking about spirit, not physical bodies those that came from the dead and the Bible, had to be resurrected and their physical bodies. The only individual human, that we know of in Scripture, who spirit was allowed to appear in the physical realm in spirit form was Samuel.

      The Bible tells us in first Corinthians, chapter 15, verse 40, that there is a difference in the appearance of a spiritual body and a physical body. The Bible tells us in Galatians chapter 3 verse 28, that spirits as such, do not have race sex or age. That makes their appearance of different from the physical form if you could see a spirit in spiritual form in the physical realm what you gain, but if you could you could not recognize him because he would reflect no age no race and no sex.

      To understand the Bible, people must learn to study it, just like you did your schoolbooks, when you were going through school. You could not just read your textbook and lay it down, and pass a test concerning it. You had to study it. This is exactly what the instructions are in the Bible quotation mark’s, started to show yourself approved a workman on to God that needed not be ashamed rightly dividing the word of truth.

      The Bible is not written in chronological order. It is written and subject order. That means reference to each subject is scattered throughout the Bible beginning at Genesis and ending at Revelation. Therefore, to rightly divide the truth on any single one subject, you must start at Genesis and go to revelation and identify each verse in the Bible that relates to that particular subject. And then put them together let them stand, and the sum total now establishes the correct doctoring of that particular subject.

      All the dead that was raised from the dead in the Bible were resurrected in their human body it was a human or physical body being resurrected, not a spirit passing from the dead to the physical world which is impossible according to Jesus own statement.

      There is much more to my explanation. I think of taking too much time already, and too much space if this explanation will not be sufficient please let me know and I will go into much more detailed explanation. I hope this explanation was not confusing, I tried to make my point clear. A human being can be resurrected from the dead and have been many times in the Bible. And I hope my explanation of the one spirit that physical is been allowed to see, Samuel, will understand he had to be in a human body in order for the which to recognize him. So that means, no spirit anywhere in the Bible has ever been able to pass from the spirit world into the physical world and be recognized as such as a known individual that have died.

  • Ashanda N. McCants
    Posted at 19:33h, 19 April Reply

    I write to tell you that because of the powerful testimony of Mr. Pittman, my life has been completely changed. I too was a self worshipper. Unaware of my own idolatry. The night that I heard his testimony, God grabbed a hold of my heart in such a tremendous way that His fear was placed inside of me, permanently. That night rather than talk, I listened. After SERIOUS repentance, God revealed to me the plan that He had for my life. He called me to homeschool my children and four years later, we are still going strong. I am so rebellious at heart sometimes and know that I have to trust God and obey Him but I still wrestle. I know that is because of the enemy’s assignment to ruin my life and the life of my family. But just like the night I heard Mr. Pittman’s testimony, my Lord Jesus Christ is not giving up on me. I want to do God’s will with my whole heart and stay faithful to His plan for my life so please pray for me. The last thing that I want to do is go back to doing my own will. Yet I struggle to know when I’m pushing myself forward or Him forward, as He gives command. The enemy’s latest attack has been feminism. I want to listen to my husband but I wrestle because of his constant harshness. He is a godly man but at times I feel intense pressure and warfare on my mind that he is attacking me rather than loving me. Please pray for us and our family to finish the race and fight the good fight of faith. Thank you again. God truly bless you all.

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