Howard Pittman | Where Do You Go After Death?
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Where Do You Go After Death?


Where Do You Go After Death?

Many have asked the same question, “If there is an after life, where does the spirit of man go, after physical death?

5:008 we are confident, I say, and willing rather to be absent from the body, and to be present with the Lord. (2nd Corn 5; 8)

In this Scripture, Paul is stating flatly, that upon the death of a true believer his spirit goes immediately to be with Jesus in the 3rd heaven. However, it was not always so. The Bible clearly tells us, before Jesus became the 1st fruits of the dead, that the dead in Christ went to a special place call paradise. (This was not Heaven) One may read all about Paradise in the book of Luke, Chapter 16,verse 19 through 31.

 The Bible also tells us how the saved were taken from paradise and carried into the third heaven, by Jesus himself One may read about this in the book of 1st Peter, chapter 3, verse 19-20.

If one really belongs to God, it is easy to answer that question. However, on the other hand if one does not belong to God it is a little more difficult to answer.

12:048 but he that knew not, and did commit things worthy of stripes, shall be beaten with few stripes. For unto whomsoever much is given, of him shall be much required: and to whom men have committed much, of him they will ask the more. (LUKE 12; 48)

 We know from such scriptures as Luke 12; 48, there are different levels of punishment in the hereafter for those who do not belong to God.  Such Scriptures like Luke chapter 12 verses 47&48, brings up another major question. “Are there such a thing as a personal hell”.

We know that in this lifetime, each individual has a personal devil. By that I mean, the adversary has developed a personal attack plan for every individual on earth. In this sense that makes him a personal devil. Why not have a personal hell for each individual, which has to be punished


Dr. George G Ritchie, M.D., told in his book, “RETURN from tomorrow” about an after life experience he had in the early part of World War II. His experience occurred in December 1943 when he died of double–lobar pneumonia. He was pronounced dead by 2 different physicians, 9 min. later he returned to life.

At the time of his experience he   was in the Army stationed at camp Berkeley in Texas. He developed pneumonia as a result of his rigorous training in cold damp weather they were having there at that time.

I also had a life after life experience in 1973, when a paramedic judged me to be dead in an ambulance. The ambulance was transferring me from one hospital to another, when all my vital life signs failed. My spirit was taken into the spirit world where I was allowed to see many startling truths. I can honestly say that everything I was allowed to see was documented in Scripture. I tell about this fabulous experience in my book, “ placebo”

In 1984 or 85, I was in Singapore speaking to the Asian national full Gospel businessmen’s Fellowship international. While there, some local people told me to go out to Tiger Balm Park and look at what the Buddhist have erected out there to represent hell.  I was amazed that the Buddhist believed in hell, but they do. What they have erected out there was a dome like building divided into different cubicles in which they had placed manikins representing the souls of humans that had gone to hell. Each of these manikins was being tormented or punished in different ways, some more stringent than others. This proves they believe in different levels of punishment in the after-life.

This brings up another question. How do people who have no knowledge of the Bible believe the very things the Bible talks about, when many Christians don’t believe half of what the Bible teaches?

Dr. Ritchie tells all about his experience in his book “ returned from tomorrow”. In his book Dr. Ritchie tells about the many different kinds of punishment that he was allowed to see when his spirit was taken from his body and carried into the spirit world. It is a very fascinating story and well documented with Scripture.

Dr.Ritchie tells about the souls of some of some people being tormented in their own personal hell. The first group he talked about was people who had committed suicide.  Their act of suicide brought forth much pain to the family of the victims. Dr. Ritchie said he saw these souls, begging their family members for forgiveness for their act. Because they were spiritual and not flesh they could not be seen or heard by their relatives. Doomed to forever beg for forgiveness and never be able to receive it

He said he saw, many who had died, and were alcoholics in their life, their spirits were left to roam inside Barrooms begging the customers for drinks.  They could not be seen or heard by humans, they’re always thirsty, and never able to satisfy their thirst. They were all left in their own personal hell to suffer torment forever. These souls were now reaping in death what they had sown in life, just as the Bible said they would!

This was just a small example, of the many types of personal hell that Dr. Ritchie reported.

 “”Be not deceived, god is not mocked. Whatsoever a man soweth, that also he shall reap (8) for he that soweth to the flesh of the flesh reap corruption; but he that soweth to the spirit shall of the spirit reap everlasting life. (Gal.6: 7-8)

Dr.Raymond a Moody Jr, heard about Dr. Ritchie’s experience and did a tremendous amount of research in the field of after death experiences. Dr.Moody Jr wrote a book about all of his research, “title life after life. Later Dr. Moody and Dr. Ritchie became very good friends and remain so throughout their life.

The Lake of fire, or the burning hell, where all lost SINNERS will be cast into, does not come into play until the last judgment of the great white throne. Is there and then that sinners will be cast into the burning hell for an eternal burning punishment WITH NO END.

20:011 And I saw a great white throne, and him that sat on it, from whose face the earth and the heaven fled away; and there was found no place for them.

20:012 And I saw the dead, small and great, stand before God; and the books were opened: and another book was opened, which is the book of life: and the dead were judged out of those things which were written in the books, according to their works.

20:013 and the sea gave up the dead, which were in it; and death and hell delivered up the dead, which were in them: and they were judged every man according to their works.

20:014 and death and hell were cast into the lake of fire. This is the second death.

20:015 and whosoever was not found written in the book of life was cast into the lake of fire. (Rev. 20; 11-15)

We understand that not everyone who claims to know God, really knows him (Matt.7; 21) we also know there is a counterfeit God. We know that God does give supernatural experiences, so can the counterfeit God. The counterfeit God of course is Satan. He is identified as the God of this world, in 2nd Corinthians chapter 4 verses 4.

Whenever the Holy Spirit gives man any kind of experience to an individual human, Satan tries to counterfeit it with another human. Satan’s purpose in counterfeiting the work of God is to bring God’s true word! Since 98% of the man’s testimony line that with God’s word most listeners would have overlooked the 2% hair by accepting the deception as being from God.

This is all part of the enemy’s plan to cast doubt on God’s word his attack upon God’s word started in the Garden of Eden and hasn’t• stopped until you stop never except a supernatural experience that is not proven by the word of God to prove Joe Clark’s testimony was real we put it to the test of the 3 rooms that we have talked about in this paper will wan was if God performs an act he must have a precedent for it in his word the Joe claim that is. Left his body at which time he experienced the things he reported on here as a precedent in God’s word does God word support such a thing the answer is yes the Bible wood to take in the 4th chapter of Revelation to John Stewart was taken from his body at which time he experienced the things he wrote about in vocal revelation! Next the fact Jones testimony rule number 2 if God performs an act the substance of it must be line up with God’s word” Joe claimed he didn’t experience any threat of judgment or timing condemnation therefore his experience would not line up we test number 2 because God always talks about the judgment and I give an account of our life you heard so just testimony failed the test of rule number 2 the if the testimony fails anyone over 3 test then its folds Satan work something like we used to work in the country.

When I was growing up on farm my father had a corn Creole in which he would place the corn after it was harvested from the feet not a rats God in that going quit no matter how tight it would signal he would always find a way it annuity to cold so to stop them my father would buy rat poison that came in a little cardboard box the thing about that rat poison was that it contained 98% pure and hold some great and only 2% poison it was that 98% pure and wholesome grain you got the right rats to eat it and then it was a 2% poison that kills it this is exactly how Satan works he will you to only 2 to 5% lies and 92 to 95% the word of God Aniston lies that destroyed older this in the 13th chapter of the book of Matthew we read where Jesus was teaching the people in parable and his disciples asked him why do you teach them in parables he said because it is given unto you to know but to them it is not given what was really saying that the walls cannot comprehend the truth of God’s word the site given under them to do it therefore the study of God’s word to the loft is foolishness even the read the Bible is food but you is not because he said blessed are you before you have any ears to hear and eyes to see the things that profits long be here and see what you are blasts to hearing seed and Jesus said in that area that is very net 13th chapter of the book of Matthew that he was teaching secrets that have been kept secret since the foundation of the world and he was teaching them in parables so that God’s people who were given the wisdom to understand these parables would understand that for the world could not understand those things one of the parables that he talked about there was the parable of the livid where he said only a tiny amount was placed into the media yet it made the whole thing what it’s saying that just 2% live we destroy 90% true so the old saying is so many preachers use well you study it to keep the goods away the bad the work that way if it’s got any bed in it that does not line up with God’s word them according to the parable of 11 the whole thing becomes a lot this is what you have to remember Joe Clark testimony would not soon the test therefore he was given a full testimony by the God of this world in the paper to follow we will use 2 more people that had afterlife experiences and will put them to the test the rule to see if a true now every part of my experience which I had in August 3, 1979 passed all 3 of the rules we talked about who was a precedent in God’s word for human life could be extended beyond its appointed time that I’m working hot Hezekiah’s life was opponent was given appointment to continue to live this total 35th chapter the book of Isaiah every part of my experience lined up with the word of God and the glory went to God and not to me so all 3 my experience met all 3 of the test the room the test we had we will work with some others in the following paper that will come behind this would later on. Even to this date upon God’s word.

It is always good to believe, that not everything that is supernatural, is not necessarily from God.  The Bible says, “Believe not every spirit, but try them”. (1st John chapter 4 verse 1).

Here are some good rules to follow when trying the spirits.

Number one: if God performed the act, there must be a precedent for the act in God’s word.

Rule number 2: if the act is of God, the act itself most totally line up with God’s word, the Bible.

Rule number 3: if the act is from God, it must glorify God, and not man.

Keeping these rules in mind when testing the spirits, you. Will have the advantage. Later in this paper we will put those rules to the test, then very closely examine the supernatural experience of these 3 men were talking about After the test, we will see if any of these experience fail to pass the test.

 Joe Clark by all the world’s standards, a successful man. He enjoyed success both in his family and business life. He had just recently returned to his country estate on the outskirts of a small country town. All of his financial needs were secure. He had enjoyed good health most of his life. No member of his immediate family had ever suffered any major illness.

Joe would spend his days enjoying his flower garden are playing golf. Other times he we just sat around the golf club enjoying a drink with his friends. Joe hadn’t a worry in the world.

One morning Joe slept late. For some reason it seemed he didn’t feel himself well. He kind of felt bad a little the day before. This morning as he got up, his family had already left the house. As he dressed himself, he decided that he would go down to the club for breakfast. As he bent down to tie his shoelaces, he almost fell. For just a moment he was bit dizzy. He sat down. It quickly passed.

As Joe started to get into his car, just as he leaned over, a sharp pain hit him in the chest. It lasted only a moment, but it almost left him breathless. As he drove to his club, he was quite concerned about what happened to him that morning, but now feeling all right, he decided to continue After Joe had parked his car and started to walk to the club, the pain begin again. This time it didn’t pass. Like a sledgehammer blow, it knocked him to the ground. Gasping for breath, Joe passed out.

Joe told what followed next in his own words. Said he,” I was in this strange place; I didn’t know where I was. Things were looking somewhat hazy around me. Then I heard these people talking. It sounded like it was coming from below me! I look down! Now I realize the darkness was a room, but I was at the top of the ceiling, below me was a group of people working around the table. On the table was a man. That man was I! Just now, it seemed that I started to drift upwards, right through the ceiling out into the darkness.

First, the darkness was total! There was no light! Then I saw what looked like a tunnel! The tunnel was dark, but then, I saw a beautiful life. A light that was bright yet soft enough to look at. As I seem to float into the dark tunnel. I heard music, beautiful music. All joy, I seem to expiring in the tunnel! I’ve never had such wonderful feelings in my entire life! The feelings, the joy, the blessings, these are un- describable. It seemed that I had a knowing that this now was mine for eternity! Eternal joy, peace and happiness forever!

There was no pain or even remembrance of it! Nothing but joy and happiness. I wondered, could such a place w be mine? I knew this was my place of eternal joy“.

Suddenly out of the darkness a voice spoke to me, Joe, you must return it’s not your time yet. You return one day but not now, there are still others who need you! No I said, I don’t want to leave! Please let me stay! With that the scene faded. In darkness I heard voices. I opened my eyes to see the doctor standing over me Will Joe he said, you had a close one, but it looks like you’re o.k. Everything will be all right now.”

”For two years after this incident whenever I got a chance to tell of this wonderful experience I had experienced, I would tell it often as I thought of the joy of that place.  I often and secretly wanted to return. I told all who would listen until “don’t fear death, for there is an afterlife for us where there will be nothing but joy and happiness forever!

When I hear people talk about hell in judgment, I challenge them! Since I’d been to the other side and I knew what was there I had never gone to church in my life so to speak off. I’d never been told about a plan of salvation, I had never called upon the name of any God, and yet I passed to the most beautiful place of eternal bliss.

One day one of my favorite niece was to get married her wedding was being held in a small country church I do not like to go to church, and would not have gone this time was she not my favorite niece. Something most unusual happened in that church that date, before the l minister called the couple up for the ceremony, he spoke with the gest. The minister reminded us all that we have sinned and come short of the glory of God that all men need to be saved! Through the Short talk of this ministry that day the Holy Spirit convicted me of my sins, and my need to be saved. After Jesus came into my life the Holy Spirit gave me knowledge to realize that my spiritual experience at the time of my near-death experienced was a counterfeit experience. This experience had been given by the counterfeit Go in an attempt to enlist my testimony to deceive other people. At that time I belong to the devil then he had a right to use me.

I heard Joe give the above testimony in a small country church down in the state of Mississippi in the summer of 1984. I’ll not forget the impact that it made on me, and I renewed my determination to always try the spirits. Joe had accepted his experience, as being genuine because it was supernatural, just because an experience is super-natural does not make from God. Just because it was supernatural don’t necessarily mean that it came from God. Satan can also give super-natural gifts. (REV. 16: 13-14) That’s why the Bible wants us not to believe every spirit but to try them First.

I have examined very closely some experience given to some humans in a near death experience and have found many of them to be false, some so very close to the real thing, I’m thinking of one man specifically who had such an experience that was so close to the real thing that at first glance one was not able to tell the difference. It was only upon close examination that two little flaws, which didn’t line up with God’s word were detect iced. These 2 flaws invalidated the entire experience when the flaws were examined in comparison with God’s word they were found to be in direct opposition to it so it was impossible for this experience to come from God.

Although these 2 flaws were tiny they were a major part of the testimony. The enemy gave them to him.

There are 3 rules to remember when trying the spirits or any super-natural experience.

Rule number one: If it is from God, there will be a precedent for it in the Bible.

Rule number two: If it is from God it must line up 100% with the Word of God (The Bible)

Rule number three: If from God it must Glorify God and not man.

Many have asked, does the Bible support such thing as the three-rule test? Yes. We will read about some of that support in the 13th chapter of the book of Matthew verse 34 and 35.  34–“all these things that Jesus unto the multitude in parables; and without a parable spake he not unto them: 35 that it might be fulfilled which was spoken by the prophet, saying I will open my mouth in parables I know a lot of things which have been kept secret from the foundation of the world.

There many great parables in the, Bible, in each each Jesus reveals great secrets that have been kept secret since the foundation of the world. One of those parables that offer proof of what we are talking about is the parable of the leaven. Found in the 13th chapter of the book of Matthew verse 33. “Another parable spake he under them; the kingdom of heaven is like unto leaven, which a women took, and hid in three measures of meal, till the whole was leavened.”  In other words, what he is saying here, a little lie? Destroys all the truth.

It works like rat poison. Back on the farm as a small boy, we used to have a corncrib, where we put all of our corn. The rats would find a way to get in that corn crib and eat the corn. In order to stop the rats, we used to buy rat poison in a cardboard box, the box contained 98% pure and wholesome grain, and only 2% poison. The 98% of the grain entice the rats to eat the whole thing, but it was the 2% poison to kill them.

That of course, is how Satan deceives. He was 95% word of God, with a 5% lies included. That’s 5% made the whole thing a lie.

 We talked about Dr. Ritchie’s experience the beginning of this paper. In our next paper on this subject, we will talk about some other folks who had a near death experience.  We will put their experience to the test of the three rules an see if it passes the test

  • Catherine Profeta
    Posted at 21:23h, 26 August Reply

    Hi Mr. Pittman,

    I bought your book, PLACEBO, several years ago, but am just now getting to read it.

    I was really shocked by your story of you being at Heaven’s Gate, because I always thought I was a good Christian, too, but the Holy Spirit really convicted my heart with that chapter.

    So, I guess saying the sinner’s prayer and asking the Lord Jesus to save you is not enough. How did you repent and knew you were in the Lord’s graces after you came back?


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