Jacobs Puzzle | book | Howard Pittman
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Jacobs Puzzle | book


Over two thousand years ago a whole nation disappeared, leaving no trace. This disappearance has been called the Mystery of the Ages. What happened to them?

It seems strange that a whole nation would disappear without leaving any clue; however, in the scriptures there was a foretelling of the disappearance of the nation. The prophet Nathan told David, King of Israel, that God had said He would relocate Israel to a new land. This is recorded in the Bible in 1 Chronicles 17:9. This same information was delivered to King David later by the prophet Samuel in 2 Samuel 7:10.

No doubt it was unthinkable to David that God was going to move them out of the Promised Land, but that is exactly what happened. After Solomon became  King and died, Israel split into two nations, Israel and Judah. At about 710 B.C. Israel was overrun and captured by Assyria and the people taken back as slaves where they remained for about 130 years. Later the people migrated into west Europe where they seem to have disappeared.

At the end of my sixty-year search of the scriptures for the truth about Israel’s disappearance, I have located them and found that they were living under a new name. The first preacher to report that he had located their whereabouts through the prophecies of the Bible was Herbert W. Armstrong. Following his lead, I found them too.

Join me on the journey through the scriptures as we relate the scriptures to the history of the people and find the answer to the puzzle of Israel’s disappearance. Truly it was the mystery of the ages!

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