Howard Pittman | Dreams and Visions DVD
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Dreams and Visions DVD


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Some unknown wise man once said that, “one picture is worth a thousand words” How true that statement really is. It also has been said by some claiming to be experts in the field, that we humans retain only about 15 to 29% of what we hear and about 30 to 30% of what we see. If this be true, one can easily see why one picture is so much more valuable than words. I know from experience how much more valuable a picture is, over words alone, in police work. Witnesses who saw an incident happen, were much more valuable than those who only heard it happen.

Since God is the source of all knowledge, He is well aware of our frailty and limited abilities. Therefore when He established His “method of communication”, He used the one we frail humans could best understand, so He talks to us in pictures. Just like a kindergarten teacher who teaches children to read, with pictures; God talks to us in picture letters. We call them dreams and visions.

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